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Take pictures at a moment's notice and never worry about dropping your camera.

The Wrist Pod's patented design is the ideal solution for those of us who want to take great pictures, but don’t want to sit out of the action

  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof
  • Easily Attaches to Any Camera
    (Utilizes camera's universal tripod mount)
  • No additional parts or modifications
  • Camera Not Included


The Wrist Pod is a unique camera accessory that allows you to attach any camera to your wrist and wear it. Its heavy duty neoprene strap will hold your camera tightly to your wrist when swimming, paddling or climbing and your camera will tilt up at a moment's notice when you want to take a picture or video.

Originally designed for surfing, the Wrist Pod is perfect for all sorts of sports and activities where pockets, quick access, or dropping your camera are a concern.

The Wrist Pod's patented design utilizes your camera's universal tripod mount, so no additional parts or modifications are necessary and it only takes a few seconds to mount up.


Have complete use of your hands and arms because the camera is held tightly in place when not in use.

To take a picture, quickly release and flip the camera into place. Because your camera is always attached you never have to worry about dropping it.

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